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sketch the first - Your glaze hits the side of my vase

Nov. 12th, 2001

10:41 pm - sketch the first

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I try to work and I keep thinking of world war three. This officially marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my liveJournal, of which I, the undersigned, do hereby promise to keep updated on a semi-regular basis - which, in the terms agreed upon by the undersigned and the general understanding the worldover of what is acceptably regarded as "semi-regular", constitutes something on the order of, like, one entry per week. Maybe. I don't know my future after this weekend (and I don't want to).

So to kick off this flirtation with the eternal entropy of "addictive computer oriented behavior", let's just get one piece of vital info straight - the reason I'm doing this right now instead of, oh, say, watching AbFab at Brooke's house is because, quite simply, the girl flaked. Space shuttle's in my blood, there ain't nothin i can do about it. Love the girl dearly, but have to accept the fact that sometimes the 90/10 % ratio of non-brain usage to brain usage gets on my nerves and there's no use pouting cos things could be worse. I mean, anthrax for chrissake. Small pox. the *N-Sync movie. shown repeatedly, with breaks for stand up comedy by Patrick Dempsey, or maybe the guy who played skippy on family ties. Girls don't suck that bad, i suppose.

Okay I'll write more in a minute - I told her to call me at 11. (insert SFX: whipcrack)

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: the jam. art school


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Date:November 13th, 2001 12:27 am (UTC)

so long, baby

aside from all that i still think you're dreaming.
you'll say you'll try hard when we both know you won't.
where are you at girl? why won't you see me?
maybe you love me and maybe you don't
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Date:November 14th, 2001 01:59 am (UTC)

Re: so long, baby

I don't want to fight
But we've got things to discuss
Like why you don't come home every night
And what about us?

You're not going to win
I know you too well
You've already been to bed with him
Oh I can just tell

I got it all wrong, maybe
But I'm saying "so long", baby!

** really when it comes right down to it, the lyrics to prince's 1999 mean much more to me than anything the universe has ever produced by a leap year. will u be up here for death rock booty call?
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